Cucurbit Expression Atlas

Overview of this BioProject:

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) fruit is a type of fleshy fruit that is harvested immaturely. Early fruit development directly determines the final fruit length and diameter, and consequently the fruit yield and quality. Different cucumber varieties display huge variations of fruit length, but how fruit length is determined at the molecular level remains poorly understood. To understand the genes and gene networks that regulate fruit length in cucumber, high throughout RNA-seq data were used to compare the transcriptomes of early fruit from two near isogenic lines with different fruit lengths. 3955 genes were found to be differentially expressed, among which 2368 genes were significantly up-regulated and 1587 down-regulated in the line with long fruit. Microtubule and cell cycle related genes were dramatically activated in the long fruit, and transcription factors were implicated in the fruit length regulation in cucumber. Thus, our results built a foundation to dissect the molecular mechanism of fruit length control in cucumber, a key agricultural trait of significant economic importance. Overall design: Comparative analysis of fruit from two near-isogenic lines, 408 (long fruit) and 409 (short fruit), was employed to discover genes and networks that regulate the fruit length. Two biological replicates were used from each line.

Properties this BioBroject:

Property NameValue
Data typeTranscriptome or Gene expression
Sample scopeMultiisolate

BioSamples of this BioProject:

Cs_line408CucumberEarly fruits from line 408 ; tissue : fruits; age : early fruits about 2-4cm;
Cs_line409CucumberEarly fruits from line 409 ; tissue : fruits; age : early fruits about 2-4cm;