Cucurbit Expression Atlas

Overview of this BioProject:

Transcriptome profiling reveals roles of meristem regulators and polarity genes during multicellular fruit trichome development in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Trichomes are the hair-like structures that are widely present on the surface of aerial organs and function in plant defense against biotic and abiotic stresses. Previous studies focus on the single cell trichomes in Arabidopsis and cotton, or multicellular glandular trichomes in tomato, but the developmental process and molecular mechanisms controlling multicellular non-glandular trichome development are largely neglected. Here, we extensively characterized the fruit trichome (spine) development in wild type cucumber and in a tiny branched hair (tbh) mutant that contains a spontaneous mutation and has hairless foliage and smooth fruit surface. Our data indicated that cucumber trichome was multicellular and non-glandular, with no branches or endoreduplication. Further, the major feature of cucumber trichome development was spine base expansion. Transcriptome profiling through Digital Gene Expression indicated that meristem-related genes and transcription factors were implicated in the fruit spine development, and polarity regulators were upregulated during spine base expansion. qRT-PCR verified the reliability of our RNA-SEQ data, and in situ hybridization confirmed the enriched expression of meristem regulators CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON3 (CUC3) and STM (SHOOT MERISTEMLESS) , as well as the abaxial identity gene KANADI (KAN) in cucumber fruit spine. Together, our results suggest a distinct regulatory pathway involving meristem genes and polarity regulators in multicellular trichome development in cucumber. Overall design: Using Digital Gene Expression technology to compare the genome-wide gene expression profiles in the fruit spines of wild type cucumber and the tbh mutant, as well as the fruit spines on fruits of 0.5cm and 1.6cm long, repectively. Two biological repelicates were generated for each tissue.

Properties this BioBroject:

Property NameValue
Data typeTranscriptome or Gene expression
Sample scopeMultiisolate
#WT: fruit spine
#Y05: fruit spine on fruits of 0.5cm log
#Y16: fruit spine on fruits of 1.6cm long
#tbh: fruit spine of tbh genotype

BioSamples of this BioProject:

WTCucumberfruit spine ; cultivar : R1407; dev_stage : 4 days before anthesis; tissue : fruit spine; genotype : wild type;
Y05Cucumberfruit spine on fruits of 0.5cm long ; cultivar : R1407; dev_stage : 7 days before anthesis; tissue : fruit spine on fruits of 0.5cm long; genotype : wild type;
Y16Cucumberfruit spine on fruits of 1.6cm long ; cultivar : R1407; dev_stage : 4 days before anthesis; tissue : fruit spine on fruits of 1.6cm long; genotype : wild type;
tbhCucumberfruit spine of tbh genotype ; cultivar : R1407; dev_stage : 4 days before anthesis; tissue : fruit spine; genotype : tbh mutant;