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Map Set cucumis sativus-Bradeen 2001 - B
(Reference Set)
Min. Correspondences
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Maps B
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: cucumis sativus - Bradeen 2001 - B [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: B
Map Start: 0.00 cM
Map Stop: 90.20 cM
Features by Type:
39 Total

Map Features

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cucumis sativus - Bradeen 2001 - B - B
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position (cM) Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
E11/M60-F-440-P2 AFLP 0.00 No other positions
E11/M48-F-365-P1 AFLP 2.20 No other positions
E14/M52-M006-P2 AFLP 4.40 No other positions
B12_2 RAPD 5.90 No other positions
T2 RAPD 9.90 No other positions
E11/M48-F-91-P2 AFLP 13.50 No other positions
AM2 RAPD 14.20 No other positions
E14/M52-M001-P1 AFLP 14.20 No other positions
E14/M52-M002-P2 AFLP 14.80 No other positions
E14/M50-F100-P2 AFLP 25.80 No other positions
AG1_1 RAPD 30.60 No other positions
AK16 RAPD 30.60 No other positions
E11/M59-F-66-P2 AFLP 37.20 No other positions
E11/M58-F-90-P1 AFLP 37.90 No other positions
E14/M50-F-183-P1 AFLP 56.20 No other positions
E14/M62-F-571-P2 AFLP 58.10 No other positions
E14/M51-F-571-P2 AFLP 58.10 No other positions
AO7_1 RAPD 59.40 No other positions
E14/M62-F-273-P1 AFLP 61.10 No other positions
E14/M49-F-162-P1 AFLP 65.70 No other positions
E14/M49-F-474-P2 AFLP 65.70 No other positions
E11/M52-M002-P1 AFLP 65.70 No other positions
E14/M51-F-91-P2 AFLP 65.70 No other positions
E11/M58-F-152-P2 AFLP 65.70 No other positions
E11/M52-M003-P1 AFLP 66.70 No other positions